Minimum Essential Coverages

Minimum Essential Coverages – The national battle over healthcare is out of control. No one knows what the law of the land will be. Today 4 states have self-imposed mandates. Whether that trend will spread across the nation remains to be seen, but what we do know is people still get sick, and it costs a king’s ransoms when we do.

Americans need to see a doctor every now and again. But why should those of who never see a doctor, or who are fit and healthy be penalized for other members with poor lifestyle or health habits? We shouldn’t. But that has been the premise of health insurance since its conception, until now.

Minimum Essential Coverages or Limited Medical was born out of desperate need to control medical costs without compromising the quality of care. This revolutionary product defies the trend in BIG private insurance of constant increase in cost based solely on ageism and geography, with a decrease in coverages.

XXXXXXX’s Limited Medical has also included in the plan, the wellness benefits from the Preventative Silver Wellness plan, a 24/7 nurse hot line, and a medical concierge all built inside at no additional cost to the member.

More than 84% of the medical needs of the average American can be met easily through an on-line encounter with a nurse and/or a doctor. On line services are clinically proven to produce results with high efficacy.

There are several viable options for all of us. Health care is not one size fits all. Do not try to throw your family into just any plan. This is where you can purchase a great solution and keep your money where it belongs – In your pocket!

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