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Unified – to make or become one; unite.

At UBS, we focus on healthy families and on creating the most complete, convenient, and affordable way to treat the human mind, body, and well-being.

We believe that your family and your family’s health is your greatest asset. According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey, the average premium for employer-sponsored health premiums reached $19,616 in 2018. That equates to the employee paying $5,547, on average, for their coverage.

In addition to the premiums, there are other out-of-pocket expenses. Co-pays and deductibles have continued to increase. The rising costs do leave many unable to afford medical care even with insurance.

America is regarded as one of the greatest and wealthiest countries in the world. Yet, the majority of Americans live unhealthy lifestyles. Many suffer from severe stress, poor nutrition, obesity, and mental health issues.

At UBS Health, we saw catastrophic need all around us. However, what could we provide? Could it be available for everyone and could it be affordable? Our challenge was to come up with options that met the needs of today’s busy lifestyles and the continuing financial crisis in healthcare. The problem was perplexing, but not insurmountable. No one should have to decide between feeding their family or going to see a doctor or getting lifesaving medication.

Virtual Health and Wellness IS the future of healthcare. Cutting edge technology, rapidly growing populations, and skyrocketing medical costs are driving the need for radical change in America. Virtual medicine and the practice of using online resources is pivotal to reducing abuse in utilization, unnecessary trips to Urgent Care, and the growing reliance on Emergency Rooms for primary care.

Almost every family in America owns a phone. The typical user spends an average of three hours a day on the phone and texting. On top of that, the data usage averages about four hours a day on the Internet shopping, checking reviews, scheduling appointments and streaming programs and movies. Millennials check their phones an average sixty-nine times a day and prefer using their phones and the internet for almost everything, including healthcare.

This is the same demographic who have are the unhealthiest living generation. Most would prefer to use a Smartphone for healthcare over an office visit. Other generations are following the trends. If we can do everything else on our phones, why not healthcare? It’s quick, easy to use, and it saves money and time.

Unified Health has partnered with a global health community, changing the way healthcare is delivered. We have partnered with some of the nation’s leading experts in wellness, telehealth, and mental health to provide virtual health access 24/7.

Virtual care offers many advantages for individuals and families:

◆ Telemedicine – 24/7 Nurse hotline and Doctors. It is convenient – anytime, from anywhere, using a phone, app, video chat, or computer, you have access to a nurse, doctor, or wellness coach. Effective, quality care – licensed, board certified nurses and doctors provide high- quality care without waiting for appointments and waiting rooms. Affordable – includes a family of four (additional members can be added)
◆ Wellness – health educational resources from leading health experts, webinars focused on helping reduce or
prevent health risks and chronic conditions

◆ Mental health support – unique and private consultations are allowing individuals to face issues without judgment
or the stigma of mental health.

Unified Health is available to any individual, family, or employer. There are no eligibility questions; anyone can qualify.

Unified Benefits Solutions, LLC, was founded by Cyndy Coffey and Jesse Alcala. Coffey and Alcala have more than three decades of experience in the Benefits, Insurance, and Human Resources with some of the largest companies in the country.

We have witnessed, first-hand, the impact of challenging health issues, and the rising healthcare costs and their impact on American families. It is our goal that everyone has access to convenient, accessible, affordable healthcare solutions when they need it most. Our health community is dedicated to relentlessly supporting the healthiest lifestyles for all of us.

Our commitment is to put the health and care of your family first. We will earn the trust of you and your family through integrity, honesty, and continuity of exceptional care.

Mission Statement:

Unified Benefits Solutions is committed to providing the most convenient, accessible, and affordable alternative to traditional healthcare; with health partners that encourage and support a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle.

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Our Health Mission:
Our experienced medical professionals put your healing needs first. We are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, medical experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all our patients. Our goal is to make you feel better as quickly as possible.

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