Prescription Assistance Program

Prescription Assistance Program

The UNIFIED HEALTH Prescription Assistance Program is designed to help our members who are taking a number of prescriptions on a regular basis. Not a discount card the UNIFIED HEALTH Prescription Assistance Program studies the assistance programs offered by Pharmaceutical Companies and then works with Your Doctor, the company,and the member to enroll the member in the program.

On average, clients save $300 or more per month through prescription assistance programs. Many clients save thousands of dollars a year on their medications. Prescription assistance programs offer medication for free to those who qualify.

After enrolling, we will send both you and your Health Care Provider an Enrollment Packet to review, sign and return. After you and your Health Care Provider(s) return your Enrollment Packet to our office, we will review your application and make sure all information is correct and completed before submitting to the Patient Assistance Programs The entire enrollment process takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

Once you are enrolled into our program, you will pay a small monthly administration fee, depending on the number of medications we are able to help you obtain under a Prescription Assistance Program.

  •  1   Medication = $33.00 Monthly Membership Fee
  • 2-4 – Medications = $43.00 Monthly Membership Fee
  • ​5-7 – Medications = $53.00 Monthly Membership Fee
  • ​8+ – Medications = $63.00 Monthly Membership Fee

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