Prescription Assistance Program FAQs

Can I get all of my medications through your program?

Our highly-trained patient advocates help patients get access to as many of their prescribed brand-name medications as possible.
There are over 1,500 FDA approved brand-name medications on our list. Because the exact program requirements are different for each pharmaceutical company–and sometimes for each medication– it is possible that patients may not meet the requirements for every one of their medications.

There is no limit to the number of medications patients can receive. If you do not see your medication listed, please call us at 1-888-962-0422 to see if it is available as medications are added frequently. If you’re taking a generic medication, we may be able to get the brand-name equivalent. ​
If we cannot help with a specific medication, we may recommend that a patient speak with their doctor to see if there is an available brand-name substitute.


How is the medication sent?

In most cases a three-month supply is sent each time your prescription is filled. Medications can be sent to your home or your Doctor’s office. It is also possible that you will receive a pharmacy card that you can take to your local pharmacy to obtain your medication. In almost all cases, we will request that your medication be shipped directly to your home, although the specific manufacturer of the medication will determine where the medications will be shipped to.

What should I do after applying?

Continue with your medication as normal until the first shipment arrives from the pharmaceutical company. UNIFIED HEALTH Prescription Assistance Program never dispenses medication or approves an application, we cannot guarantee the time of shipment of your order.

Do I have to fill out an application with every order?

No. We take care of all of the paperwork after your first order.

Are these Generic or Brand Name Medications?

Our program is designed to get your Brand Name Medications for free.

Why would the pharmaceutical companies offer these programs?

There is differing of opinions on the exact reasons that Pharmaceutical Companies are giving away so many free prescription medications. Some say that they do it because of their ongoing commitment to public health and because they really do care about low-income families. Others, noting the excruciating guidelines to participate and that the programs are typically not advertised, argue it is more of a political move on the part of these companies. Regardless of why, the fact is that they do give away free prescription medications and many people can benefit. And now, with the help of UNIFIED HEALTH Prescription Assistance Program , the processes have been made easy for the average patient.

How much medication will I be receiving?

Most companies have a 1 year enrollment period and send out a three-month supply of medication at a time.

Why do some medications go to my home, but others go to the Doctor’s office?

In order to send medication directly to a patient, the drug company must be appropriately licensed with the federal government. Because many drug manufacturers are NOT properly licensed to dispense medication in this way, they must send the medications to a doctor’s office that can legally dispense them to you.

Can I benefit from this program if I am enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan?

Yes. Many of our patients come to us who are on Medicare and have a Part D plan, however they are unable to afford their copays or find themselves in coverage gap of their prescription plan, commonly referred to as the ‘Donut Hole’.

How are refills handled?

We have a hard working Refill Team and their main concern is the seamless shipment of our members medications. If there are any issues with a Unified Health Prescription Assistance member’s refill, they are notified by our Refill Team immediately. Our Refill Team will work with the patient, their prescriber and the pharmaceutical companies to remedy any issues so there is no disruption to the patient’s shipment of medications.

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