Integrative Fitness

A successful fitness regimen is a way of life. It is not solely isolated to physical activities or eating well briefly to shed a few unwanted pounds. It is a complete integrative process of conditioning the mind, along with physical body to achieve balance, wellness, and a solidified change in the dialogue and process with your body. The body is much wiser than the mind, while the unconscious mind governs both. This unconscious mind, is the ultimate space that you will find answers to what prevents a person from giving themselves permission and room to become their best self. Without this knowledge, fitness is a fad. A Diet. A band aid on a bullet wound, but not the true path to wholeness and healing.

Your mind, emotions and feelings are dictated by the information your body receives from its surroundings. The human brain receives roughly 10 million bits of information through the retina, however our conscious mind is only able to “translate” the data it receives in parts and therefore the same in our conscious awareness. Could it be that there are other factors affecting your fitness goals and motivation?

We believe each vessel is an individual; but at the core, there are certain standard rules that govern our bodies for the most optimum health. We provide each client a tailored plan of action, food guidelines and a collective of supportive health & wellness care; to create a synergistic effect that extends into a complete holistic view of fitness.


Each Program will include the following:

Active Individual engagement
Plans designed for each member
Individual coaching for every client
Trackers within the system to help you stay
committed to your

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