National Financial Network

Financial Services Program



To provide you and your eligible family members with financial referrals to top-rated financial professionals.


  • Financial Consultations – Each member is entitled to no cost telephonic consultations with UBS’s staffed financial coaches. Typical matters include credit counseling, debt and budgeting assistance, tax planning, retirement, and college planning questions. These services are provided by seasoned financial professionals and licensed CPA’s. Telephone consultations are generally limited to thirty minutes per issue.

In the event a member wishes to retain their coach for additional services, members may elect to continue working with their coach at a rate of $39.95 per month. This service provides the member with unlimited access to their financial coach and the member may continue on a month to month basis.

  • Tax Preparation and Consultation Component – Members are entitled to receive a 30-minute income tax planning related consultation per year on each separate tax issue they encounter. Preparation of all personal income tax documents are prepared by a CPA at a preferred rate reduction of 25% from the CPA’s normal fee.

The examples of services available to members:

  • Developing a Spending Plan – This service provides analysis of a member’s budget with a goal of developing a realistic spending plan that incorporates current and future financial goals. The analysis will include guidance on maximizing income, reducing expenses, as well as managing the use of credit.
  • Rebuilding Your Credit – Credit Report Analysis provided (an analysis tool that gives an overview of credit report and credit score with tips on strategies to improve your credit score).
  • Getting Out of Debt – Service provides an analysis of member’s debt structure to ensure they are managing debt in the most effective way possible. Effective strategies for credit challenges include direct access to non-profit credit counseling services.
  • 401(k) Analysis – This service focuses on reviewing a callers’ current contributions to their 401(k) plan and the investment choices they are utilizing. The coach will provide clear next steps to evaluate investment options within a plan and/or for determining if the caller’s pace of savings is in line with retirement goals.
  • Home Buying Strategies – This service provides guidance and analysis of strategies for buying a home, as well as information on first time home buyer programs. Provides direct access to a mortgage loan lender.
  • Mortgage Counseling – The financial counseling benefit offers objective guidance and information in any area of Mortgage and Real Estate. Whether planning to buy a house or facing losing a home, our financial consultations can provide a wealth of information. Our coaches offer up to date information on topics such as the purchase, refinance, or sale of a home, mortgage loan modifications, foreclosure, or investment properties.
  • College Funding Analysis – Provides a hard copy of a financial planning report that analyzes member’s current investments for college in relation to costs for higher education in the future.
  • Income Tax Services – Direct access to discounted tax preparation/tax planning services. If tax preparation service is requested, members will receive a preferred discount of 25% off normal fees.


General financial coaching is available on several different levels in our benefit package. Services range from individual consultations involving budgeting, credit matters, estate planning, retirement planning, and college funding, general investment subjects, and tax issues.

The following is a partial list of the many financial topics available to be discussed with an UBS Financial Coach:

Budgeting Techniques
Negotiating Late Rent/Utility Payments
Renting vs. Buying a Home
Retirement Planning
Reverse Mortgages
Saving For Financial Emergencies
Social Security Benefits
Small Business Financing
Student Loans
Tax Issues
U.S. Savings Bonds
Medicaid, Medicare

Mutual Funds
Corporate Bonds
Credit after Bankruptcy
Credit Cards with Lower
Interest Rates,
Credit Repair Scams, Credit Reports
Debt Counseling
Divorce Planning
Finding a Financial Advisor
Insurance Buying Strategies
Internet Stock Trading
IRA Rollovers
Money Market Accounts

How to use:
Hotline: dial 800-541-9701 Or access the forms library at:

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