What We Offer – Wellness – Smoking Cessation

Are you aware of the health costs for your employees who use tobacco? Healthcare costs and absence rates are significantly higher for smokers. Health problems of employees lead to decreased productivity and increased absenteeism.

While many employees want to quit, each year millions fail in their attempts. Nicotine is often compared to narcotics in terms of its addictive potential in people. Unified Health’s Smoking Cessation program supports your employees to quit smoking, once and for all.

Unified Health program includes these tools:


Individual Coaching


Referral to verified psychotherapists, medical staff,
or integrative medicine specialists as needed

Success Reporting



The program goals include the following:

30% of identified smokers participate in the program each year

The majority of program participants successfully quit smoking

Employees have a positive program experience

Visit Unified Benefits Wellness Plan options to see how our program can help your corporate culture be a healthier one!

To find out more, please www.ubshealth.com

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