What We Offer – Wellness – Wellness Plan Overview

Optimal Wellness – Program Overview

Do you know the definition of Wellness? Are you worried about your general health and well-being? If we could show you some core elements of health that would impact your life forever, would you be willing to make changes in your own life today? What about in the lives of your family?

Online health and wellness information is all over the Internet, but…there are concerns: lack of consistency, questionable reliability, unknown certifications, and a lack of continuity of care. Unified Health, recognizes this as damaging to public health. We have established a wellness community, with highly skilled and credentialed professionals who are committed to public health and safety.

Our core programs focus on the key pillars of healthcare; triage, early detection, advocacy, and chronic condition management.



Our well-being platform offers all of these:

Targeted Wellness Coaching*

Optimal Weight Loss & Certified Nutritional Counseling

Personal Fitness

Stress Management

Smoking Cessation

Behavioral Health* & Hypnotherapy

Discount Rx plans

44-point blood panel biometric screening** (at additional cost)

Health risk assessment & Episodic care

24/7 Nurse hot line – Medical concierge

Certified Professional Life Coaching

Our delivery methods include the following:

Private messaging (PM) via the Internet

Video (via the Internet)


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