What We Offer – Minimal Essential Coverage

Open enrollment is here. If you blink, it will be gone! Our government has shortened the period when we can make one of the most important decisions affecting 30% of our family’s budget, down to 45 days.

Many of us think the only options we have start with “Blue” someone or Kaiser. Well, not any more.

On line services are proven to treat patients with high efficacy. So much so, that 84% of what patients walk into an ER, Urgent Care, or even their doctor’s office, can be resolved over the internet, telephone, even through a nurse hot line.

The national battle over healthcare is out of control. No one knows what the law of the land will be. No one knows how it will impact them and their families, but what we do know, is people still get sick. They need to see a clinician every now and again, but they shouldn’t be penalized for other members health, or lack thereof.

There are several viable options for all of us. Health care is not one size fits all. Do not try to throw your family into just any plan. When we consider that 70% of all individual bankruptcies in the United States today are due to excessive medical bills. So, what do we do?

  • Minimum Essential Coverages– Guarantee issue plans. These are limited medical, they offer hospitalization, prescription coverage, and preventative programs. These plans are very affordable. These are ideal if you do not have major conditions, or chronic conditions that require a lot of tests and visits.
  • Mobile Health Care– Primary care visits, Tele-Health, Prescription discounts, Dental and Vision discount plans.
  • Wellness– Clinical encounters, and preventative care, Supplements, Vitamins, Bio Identical Hormones, Chiropractic care discount plan and national walk in clinic network, 24/7 RN hot line, and so much more. All of these things for pennies a day.

Unified Health has gathered the best providers in health and wellness. Connected with Health Sharing group, AWIS MEC Limited Medical, and mobile health solutions providers,and put them all in one convenient location in this site, where you can purchase a great solution, then keep your money where it belongs – In your pocket!

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